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Abu Conolon Premiere.

Length: 16 meters

Weight: Approximately 900 grams

This pole is the latest in the ever-expanding range of Abu products to hit the market in the past few seasons. As anyone who uses the products will know, the quality control is really good and this pole is no exception. I have been using the pole for about ten months and have given it a thorough testing in every conceivable situation. I used it throughout the summer fishing at full length, which incidentally is 14.5 meters. I have an extension to take it to 16 meters. As all the extensions are parallel there is no problem adding them to increase the overall length. The pole comes with a pole bag and three top three's but I am not sure about the actual package as I got mine through my sponsorship with Abu. Due to my sponsorship deal it is only natural to think I would promote the product but to be perfectly honest I would have bought this pole if they were on the market at the time.

Considering the weight of the pole at full length, the walls of the sections are quite thick and are smooth to allow easier unshipping. At 16 meters it is very rigid, and responsive, more so than poles costing twice what this one is priced at. Shop around and you could get a good deal with the spares for less than a 1,000. Personally, I would say the pole is well fishable beyond 16 meters, up to about 17.5 meters maybe 19 meters but I have not tried it yet as there is a limit now on the overall length -16 meters at certain venues.

Although the Conolon Premier is an all-round pole, it is rated to a 16 elastic so there is plenty of backbone in it. I seldom put anything heavier than a 12 through the top three but that is down to personal preference rather than fear of over-stressing the pole. Most of the time the elastic rating is between 6 and 10 for the majority of my fishing and 10 to 12 if I draw on a few carp.

During the time I have been using the Conolon I have had some good results in the festivals and opens and have had 100lb bags in both matches and pleasure sessions. The biggest carp I have got out on it is a 12lb -8oz common carp and I have broken two match records but no pole sections since I bought it in June.

This may be what you are looking for if you are thinking of spending some money on an all-round pole. When I started using the Conolon it attracted some attention from other anglers fishing near me because it hadn't yet been released on the market. Everyone who tried fishing with it was very impressed by the action and rigidity, but most of all the price! I have been reliably informed that the local tackle shop has been asked to order a few Conolon Premier poles by some of the local anglers.

Giles Cochrane

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