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Preston Innovations PR 21 Hooks

As reviewed by

Grant Albutt

I like to use the Preston Innovation PR 21 Hooks because
they are wide gapped and very Strong. They are
manufactured in sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 and are similar
to the Tubertini series 808.

These hooks, which are bronze in colour, are very sharp
and more importantly STAY sharp which means less frequent changes.

The hook has a fairly long shank upon which I will whip my line seven to eight
turns. I have been using this pattern of hook all summer and to-date it has not
let me down and never straightened out on me.

During the summer use the biggest hook the fishery will allow and try using
double meat or corn on these hooks because they are capable of hooking this
amount comfortably. This in turn may just give you an advantage, in that if you
strike through one piece you may still have the second piece on your hook which
means less shipping back and hopefully more fish in the net.

I cannot recommend these hooks highly enough. I believe they have helped me
to some victories this summer including the Ultimate League Final in June at
Shakespeare Moorlands Farm.

Try them yourself you never know they just may help you to your next victory.

Grant Albutt

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