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Fish Caster


Paul Evans

10.55 am and the all in given. Paul began to feed all three swims by hand flicking out two lots of caster on each. " I'm going to start on maggot on the 7 metre line feeding caster for the first half an hour before trying the caster." The reason? " Well I've found that by doing so I can guarantee I will have a very early fish. It seems that the carp will attack the maggot because of its movement. The swim is being built up slowly with the caster and sooner or later the carps attention will turn towards them, but for some reason the carp respond quicker to the maggot. Watch." I did and seeing is believing as they say. 10.59 First carp in the net, whilst other anglers were still feeding. " Psycologically they are playing catch up, especially if the fish do not respond to their food straight away. "

The first carp of the day

Pauls first Carp of the Day

Out he went again. The bait was still falling through the water and the float sailed away. Another carp but a better fish, unfortunately the hook pulled out. Undeterred he went out again, all the time feeding little and often, with such perfection that he didn't have to take his eye off the float, Instinct took over. It was not much longer before the bait was intercepted again on the drop. Evo lifted into what you could see was a decent fish. A few minutes later and what turned out to be a 10llb. 2oz common was in the net. 2-1 to Paul.

Paul continued with his feeding pattern. " You have to feed to your bites. If the bites are regular step up the feed. If not build your swim, keep feeding whether the fish are coming or not. The constant trickle of bait through the water may just trigger them to have a go."

Believe it or not Paul was not happy catching fish so quickly! The reason? " I like to build a swim slowly, get the confidence of the fish. Once they move in they will stay and more will be caught. I've had big weights in a match in the last hour with very little coming before." The voice of 35 years match angling experience was talking.

Twenty minutes into the match and another fish on the drop, but alas, the hook pulls again. " The fish are there but for how long I don't know. " Score 2-2.

large caster caught carp

Pauls 10 lb 2oz common.

Another ten minutes go by and Paul switches to caster on the 7 metre line, but nothing doing. He decides to try the right hand swim, which had been constantly fed. Shortly the float dips and he strikes into another fish. Again it is lost. score 2-3. Paul looks for an explanation. " The carp suck and blow at the hook bait several times before taking it properly. When we register the bite and react we are doing so probably on the 2nd or 3rd blow, and what's happening is I'm foul hooking the fish as it's blowed out the bait . "

Again undeterred he carries on with the feed, knowing that other anglers are struggling to catch fish. Twenty are fishing the open, ten on Chestnut and ten on Beech. Ed Turner, the gaffer, pays out the top three on each pool with the overall winner and second place taking additional super pool money. The winner is guaranteed 55 to-day. Not bad, 6 out of 20 anglers taking home a brown envelope. The fifty years old caster maestro has very rarely failed to pick up money on the venue over the summer.

The fishing on Beech is extremely hard to-day and between us we look for a reason. We decide that a lot of natural bait is preoccupying the fish, such as bloodworm. Gudgeon are in plentiful supply on the pool and even they are not responding to the maggot or caster. Are we right? Who knows.

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