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Fish Caster


Paul Evans

Paul has now switched back to the 7 metre line and it has paid dividends with another carp coming to the net. Score 3-3. He continues to feed all three lines. " I will feed all three lines but may only catch from two, but you must keep the feed going in." He tries the outer swim for a little while but little responding, so he gives the right a try again. Not long after doing so the float dips ever so slightly again, and he strikes into a big fish, even bigger than the 10 lb from earlier. The fish runs for a red bed over the far corner, Paul extends his pole but it manages to snag him. Was he happy? What do you think? Score 3-4.

Time for a walk. What a beautiful place the fishery is. Eleven pools in all, with anglers on nine. That itself speaks volumes for the place and in addition the hall of fame roll call in the match room shows that the place is not very peggy. Fair enough there are noted pegs, but on most of the waters any peg could win a match. Chestnut was the most consistent pool overall, and Paul believes this to be because of it's depth. You can have 6 feet a few feet from the bank.

An hour later and I'm back with Paul to be told that he has lost another decent fish. He has the fish there but they are not getting their head down properly. Score 3-5.

Pegged next to Paul is boxer Ritchie Woodhall, taking time out from his punishing training routine. He has a WBO super-middleweight title fight coming soon, in front of 11,000 fans in Sheffield. He is an avid angler and is fishing the waggler but struggling the same as everyone else. Forty-five minutes to go and Ritchie decides the fish are going to have it and the feed starts going in over the float. ' Putting that in with a shovel are we Ritchie?' Starts the banter. ' The fish must be carrying umbrellas there's that much going in.' Followed by more Mickey take. BRAVE people. Me? I kept me gob shut, I was to close for comfort!
Ritchie then strikes into his first fish. 'See take the P**S will ya, I suppose you will all be piling it in now ' NOT a murmur in return!

one comes to the net

Ritchie playing that Carp and right, safely in the net. Want to argue?shes in the net


Fifteen minutes to go and Paul is still on the Right margin rig. " The fish are there the rig is settling on their backs, I bet I have another take before the all out." He hadn't finished speaking and the float sank. He was right, but would you believe it, yes the hook pulled out again! Final score 3-6 to the carp.

Those 6 fish ultimately cost Paul the match, which was won by Steve Woodhall (Ritchie's brother) with 40 lb. Paul totalled 16 lb 4oz. I've no doubt however, that he is the caster maestro. His rigs and tactics were simplicity in them selves. It proves once again it's down to feeding.


Paul with his 16 lb. 2oz net of fish


Paul states: " Work out how to feed on the day and keep the food going in. Don't give up if the fish are not responding straight away; build the swim slowly but surely."


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