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Vespe Review Page


vespe pole elastic

Vespe Elastic

I have used these elastics on and off now for the past couple of years. Every angler has his favourite elastic, and I must admit I like the smaller sizes in this range, namely the two and three for my canal work. This elastic is very supple and forgiving and comes in a bright green (2) and orange (3) colours making them easily seen against the background of the water. The heavier elastics are not bad either.


Vespe Connectors.

Surprisingly connectors seem to be making a come back. I say that because the crows foot seemed to be the fashion as it prevented pole damage when the elastic came shooting back after a fish had pulled out. I have always used connectors but I don't like this brand. They don't seem to sit right once the elastic is attached. I believe this is down to the fact that they have a hollow tapered cone that acts as the sleeve that the link pushes into.


Vespe Slippery Eel.

Anglers tend to be moving away from this type of elastic lubricant, preferring to experiment with different things, such as hair conditioner. To be honest I have been just the same. Last winter WMP won Match angling plus team of the month and we were given Vespe kit as a prize. Since then I have used this item. I have not noticed a difference to be fair. I'm not saying that it isn't effective but at approx 5.99 a bottle other things are just as good and cheaper.


VDE Leem

The Kryptonite I like, the brown leem I don't. The brown leem is a salt based binder. Both are used in groundbait or for binding joker together. Again everyone has his or her own preferences and the grey kryptonite is mine.


Vespe Bungs.

These I do like. They are easy to cut and have a good even taper to them. The extractor is also a good fit and locates easily. The winding attachment is an invaluable asset allowing you to tighten or slacken the elastic as the need arises. No complaints from me.




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