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  1. A Little Insight to Fell View Lake

    When we get new members we always ask them whether they are fishing primarily for the Carp, silver fish or the Catfish, the usual answer is that they are Carp anglers but would like to have a go for the Cats! some have never caught one before and wonder what all the fuss is about, others have caught them abroad or at a different venue in the UK and love the fight that the Cats give and so most of our Carp anglers switch to targeting the Cats all the time.

    When we first took over ...
  2. Round 1 - December 9th - Club Pool

    My build up to the 1st match had been the thrown a little by news midweek that the pool had been won with bloodworm and joker the week before. With it being midweek I decided against trying to get any as most of my local tackle shops have a Tuesday limit for ordering your match packs.

    After a few pm's to TalkAngling members a match plan and tactics had been formulated.
    My plan being based around 3 lines maggot, pellet and chopped worm and caster.

    After picking ...

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