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Brian G

  1. polepot and bbq on the ribble

    On wednesday morning 16/07/08 wendy sent me a txt saying she was going down to the ribble and asked if I would like to go with her, unfortunately I had to decline the offer as it would take me atleast a day to sort my gear out for such a venture . But I decided to have a ride down just to see how it was done. She said she was going to the '**********' (sorry, apparently in the specimen world you aint allowed to say where you have been ) stretch which is a day ticket length with about 5 or 6 pegs ...
  2. Midlands Intersite Toft Lakes 12th July 2008

    Having come down with a chest infection earlier in the week I was not intending to fish this match, but woud still be there to run it, with one or two changes to the TA team all done and pretty well certain of a full squad, Silverfish who was going to travel with me was loaned out to Maggot Drowners safe in the knowledge that if needed I could be a late replacement, Up at around 5-30am to see that it looked to be a dry start even if a little breezy, a last check to see that I had all my paperwork ...

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    Talk Angling Fur and Feather
    Hunnington Fishery
    2nd December 2007

    After a hectic couple of days sorting out the prizes and the usual match paraohenalia, Sunday morning soon seemed to come around I was awake well before the 6-30am alarm call, listened out to see if it was either torrential rain or howling gales, neither seemed to be the case and as their was little traffic up our road I could not even tell if was wet, had the forecasters got it wrong.