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Thread: Barrow/Platform

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    Default Barrow/Platform

    The above wanted, or just a platform.
    Brum - West Mids.


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    Hi mate,
    I have a RCT Rigger for sale, but it depends on what you want, these are the Rolls Royce of all Platform barrows and spares can be collected from Black Heath where they are manufactured.(built like a tank)
    Mines either the Core or Plus, used only 3 times and is mint brought it for a trip to Ireland a couple of years ago but never went, going this year but with the Mrs so will be fishing from the bank with her. £150 half price.
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    Looks lovely mate. If I had the money I'd be very tempted.
    I've got something sorted now, just a loan one for the weekend.
    I'm off to Boddington and they've let some water out for the canals - it might be quite low.

    Thanks though 👍


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