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    Big job in the Desert starts and the Forman says right if you find any bones while digging keep stum as it costs a fortune to get them checked plus were on stop.Three hours later Paddy shouts BONES!!! All the men shout what you doing Paddy!!!! Ive found a man who past away with Shock,The Forman screams Paddy get your gear your on the next van out of here your sacked ,Shock what you on about weve to get someone to come out and check things out now jeeeezus,Anyways yer man comes to check the bones and the Forman says Paddy found them and reckons he died of Shock, the man shakes his head and sets about his job, an hour later he asks the wheres this Paddy? The Forman says waiting for a van to take him off site Ive sacked him, well mate Ive been doing Archioligy for thirty years and this is amazing, why asks the Forman, well this chap has past away with Shock and I want to meet this Paddy fella as hes a bloody genius, the Forman shouts for Paddy, I over reacted mate Im sorry you can keep your job and in fact Im giving you an extra tenner a day come and talk to this chap,Paddy pops over all smiles the chap says how the hell did you know in seconds this chap died of Shock, well Paddy says he must have been clutching this, what is it? A Betting Slip and it reads 2000 Dracmas to win GOLIOTH 😂
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