UK suppliers of the FP1 pellet

Talk Angling and FP1 pellets! TA is pleased to annouce that it has been appointed the exclusive UK distributor for FP1 Japan.

Born on the mountain top at a Koi Farm and developed over 15 years the secret formula for the FP1 pellet originally was specifically designed to enhance the colours of Koi Carp for competition - breeders however needed a stimulant to encourage the carp to gorge themselves on the coloured pellets just prior to being entered in show condition, the FP1 additive was born. Developed out of necessity for an all together different purpose for what it now finds itself utilised for - quality attractive coloured fishing baits - most importantly UK carp love it and it has proven itself again and again with big match wins all across the UK.

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FP1 baits have been designed and manufactured to make sure that all of the ingedients in the bait stimulate fishes desire to feed - they attract fish into your feeding area and more specifically straight to your hookbait. Fish will be enticed to search for these baits which is especially important in winter as the difference between catching nothing and getting a bite a chuck can often be a simple change to the right bait - which is where the FP1 pellets give you the advantage.

FP1 pellet product shot

The science in angling company motto really does mean something, the recipe for the bait is a highly gaurded top secret and exact mix of ingredients is known only to a handful of the top people in the company. Designed to release flavour and attractants at PPM levels these baits have been shown in laboritory conditions to stimulate carp into feeding more vigorously than when fished for with traditional pellet baits especially in water temperatures below 19 degrees centigrade. Only top quality ingredients are used and you can be sure that they are fish and environmentally safe in the aquatic environment. The bait itself is developed to such a consistency that you can strike harder and more often than an expander or traditional pre-preped hooker pellet meaning you can strike properly at every indication on your float - less time is wasted shipping in and out to re-bait. All around FP1 have produced what will be the benchmark for pellets for 2012!

Pellets by FP1 Baits

Fishing - FP1 pellet

These baits are not the cheapest pellets you will buy but they will last a long time as they are supplied in an oil base meaning they dont go off and each small pot should last several matches.

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