Another year flown by and another winter league is upon us - To be honest I did have some reservations about entering this year due to ongoing circulation, arthritis and gout in my hands, anyone of these symptoms seems to be more effected by cold weather nowadays. I go into this first round already suffering from two weeks of discomfort in my index finger which is now permanently straight and useless. However it’s nothin compared to some persons suffering and therefore it’ll not be an excuse here.

Rotation draw done midweek and I know my first lake is to be Molands low numbers - a quick look through last years blogs and that confirms my thinking of a high number in the twenties will be required for good points - so when I draw peg 25 I have to be happy with that.

Waking up from a lovely nights sleep (extra hour) to find the first real frost of the Autumn or is that winter now? Isn’t a good sign for my hands or Molands as it can be moody with the best of weather, I’m fearing it will be hard. And that’s exactly how it unfolded as I was quickly rotating pole and feeder to find a bite or two. Starting on bomb and bread didn’t produce a bonus carp so a quick look on my two pole lines was also fruitless. I then switched to a maggot feeder with two floating maggots in a small band - this produce my first F1 after an hour and for the next 3 hours I only managed to find a couple more. The angler on peg 23 though kept finding a few F1s on his two pole lines and was building a steady weight. Jack to my left was struggling early on like me. I found another two F1s late on - one on the waggler with maggot and one on the feeder.

So only 5 F1s I was fearing the worse - speaking to Jack on 27 he only had 5 going into the last hour but then had a run of big F1s down his edge and was owning up to 40lbs plus. Then 23 weighed 56lbs and I didn’t see that coming, my net went 14 and Jack tipped 52 onto the scales. Omg first and second in the section either side of me - I’ve been well and truly Harry Ramsdened.

The rest of the section fished OK too and I only managed to beat one, so 11 points and another familiar story to this WL unfolding...........Knew I should’ve cried off .
To sum it all up I just didn’t fish it right and relied too heavily on my long lines to produce the F1s and even though I kept looking on my pole lines perhaps I just didn’t persevere long enough or feed positively to make something happen ????.

Must Try Harder.