Weather turning mild and today I’m on Big Geary’s so here’s hoping the Carp will have a proper go, if so, a chance of a match win is on the cards for one of the 12 anglers gracing this huge gravel pit.
I’ve drawn peg 31 and I have a big smile on my face - 31 as won more matches than any other peg, all be it mostly in the warmer months. On arrival I can see plenty of big boys porpoising a long way out, 70 metres to be exact, so I search my box for my largest bomb that can ensure I reach the distance with bread. After 30 minutes not a liner or a bite is registered so I change over to a hybrid and a yellow Wafter. Apart from a 12oz skimmer no proper takes and I remain Carpless.
Looking around the lake most anglers appear to be struggling, apart from young Jack Shirley on my left, he’s caught 3 lumps so far and with fish all over his peg is sure to catch a few more during the 2nd half.
Coming up to 3 hours gone and I’m seriously getting worried that no carp will show and I’ll end up with a blank, I’ve rotated all my lines with no joy. Then out of the blue I’m shocked to the core as the tip flies around and a decent carp is pulling back - 5 minutes later and a double Common graces my net. Next cast same happens again this time a 9lb Ghostie and on the 3rd cast a smaller creature of circa 5lbs.
Unfortunately that was the end of my match —— as no more Carp came my way, so it was 3 pulls in as many cast’s . I did have a look every now again on a short bomb line with maggot hoping for some decent skimmers that could build my weight, but the two I caught were small and I decided not worth missing out on a further Carp or two..

I estimate my three carp and two skimmers will push the needle around to 25lbs, so fingers crossed this will better most anglers and therefore give me decent points. I didn’t have to wait long to confirm my weight of 23.4.0.

I was was a tad disappointed with how my peg fished but very grateful that I did find the 3 bonus fish that gave me a 3rd on the lake and a section envelope by default. The winner of our lake John Mills (also overall match winner) returned 64lbs from peg 12. John put 3 Carp on the scales that went 45lbs, proper big boys and backed this up with 20lbs of skimmers.....that’s the way to do it ...see attached sheet for lake results.

This result keeps me right up there with the leaders as I have a dropper of 12, roll on round 4 I’ve got a spring in my step

Tight Lines