Half way stage and the new rotation draw saw me up against some new faces - but as always still a few very capable anglers to compete against, a couple spring to mind Ron Savo Savage the silver fish king and then there’s Dave Elliot (always under guesstimate his weight by 50% - you know the type), but the pick of the bunch is Aidan Mansfield enough said.

So Geary’s today and boy oh boy as this lake got an hangover from Xmas - just before the festive period I won a Rover match off peg 22 with Six lumps for 46lbs and then returned two days later to peg 10 and went the whole 5 hours without a proper pull. Then the new year saw me fishing a two dayer where only Silvers counted and I only managed a few small skimmers each day with very few Carp showing or accidentally being caught - the lake as switched off completely and so I was dreading this match as a blank will put an end to my dream of a framing position even at this early stage.
I drew end peg 19 and wasn’t too disappointed as it can produce a few carp, however it’s at the shallow end of the lake and though it’s still very mild the Carp don’t seem to be at this end of the lake right now. I set up four rods and the pole to cover all my options that’s how worried I was, therefore deciding to start off cautiously with bomb and bread at a distance where I couldn’t feed (dobbing with a bomb) whilst I pinged 8mils at 25metres. Mr Elliot was opposite me on peg 30 so I could keep an eye on him and gauge how the fish were responding. That was soon clear as I’d had no indications on my distant lines, time to try the pinging line but two hours in and still no bites or liners.
I needed to put a fish of any sort into the net to avoid a blank so a quick look over the pole lines to see if any skimmers would play ball, this was quickly answered with two tiny roach......job done. Back on the rods trying all sorts of baits whilst giving me time to work out in my head how I was going to shape this blog lol. Into the last hour and I decided to have another quick look on the pole before sitting it out with the hybrid, micros and a yellow wafter, a bait that as often tempted a Carp for me in the past. I cast the feeder down to the back of a island adjacent to peg 20, which is a known holding spot for big Carp, although someone had forgot to tell them to eat today. With only 5 minutes to go I had resigned my self to accepting 10 hours on this lake without a pull around, I was also thinking if this is what Specimen fishing is all about then each to his own but its not for me, there’s only so much of Kingfishers and other wildlife a match angler can enjoy. Then out of the blue I watched in total disbelief as the 1oz tip started to pull slowly around to the point it locked up - that’ll be on then, I quickly dropped my pole kit and reached for the rod then played this fish as if my life depended upon it, a few minutes later I guided it over the waiting net. Phew! did I just play my get out of jail card or what, much to the disbelief on Mr Elliott’s face staring across the lake at me who had gone Carp dry lol.

And that was it I weighed a total of 8.8lbs giving me 5th place and 5 points which wasn’t great I know but one has to be thankful for that lucky late fish that saved me another 6 points. Two carp for 12lbs won the lake with Aidan Mansfield landing a bigger carp than mine for 2nd. In hindsight I perhaps should have fished the hrybrid for longer but maybe it was just the time of day that sparked a carp to feed.

Currently I’m in 39th position but have two large droppers to subtract leaving me on 18 points, without working it all out I expect to be top 25 and therefore still in with a outside chance of a better finish and hopefully an envelope of sorts.

Thats yer lot until next time on moody Molands, thanks for reading - have a happy fishing year Tight Lines