In round 5 write up of this winter league I talked about the importance of drawing one of the five noted pegs on Siblings A and B pools - well it’s pretty much the same in February the form pegs being B7, B9 & B10 and then on Pool A you want peg 17 or 19 going on recent form. So I was secretively happy to get one of them this time in that of A19. Unlike last time when I drew B13 and came last, this time I should have a chance of good points and an envelope.

On my pool there was 5 anglers as compared to six on the other lake, this you think would make the fishing better with more room but in fact it’s actually worse as the F1s will back off into the quieter areas once a few early fish are caught.

The all in sounds and I immediately cast the bomb and bread to gauge if any feeding F1s are in the peg? I can see a ball of F1s swimming up and down the peg but these are spooked as soon as the pole goes anywhere near them. Immediately the angler on 17 is catching on bread fishing just off bottom in the deeper water and yet I’m only 6 metres away with my rig and can’t buy a bite - the rest of the pool were struggling like me and surprisingly so was Dave Elliott on B10. Eventually I find a small Carp tight over on 3 discs of bread over liquidised flake fed from a toss pot, then another one and an F1 followed, at last I was up and running or so I thought. It soon slowed up again and at the half way stage I had five fish for circa 10lbs. I felt peg 17 had twice my weight however I was holding my own with those that I could see else where on the pools, but I couldn’t see Aidan Mansfield on B5 not one of the five pegs I talked about but still a very good area and with a top F1 angler on it, this would be my bet of the day to win the lake.
I was going nowhere as an hour had slipped by in a flash without a bite, frustratingly I could still see the shoal of F1s two pegs away in front of peg 21 and with the next angler even further away on peg 2 this was clearly my water. So out of desperation I switched to a maggot feeder and cast it right into the shoal and it’s only a few minutes to register a bite and I have a decent F1 pulling back. Unbelievably over the next 45 minutes I have another several before it goes quite again, but this time I didn’t feel they were backing off - more likely they were starting to feed as the light faded. So with just 10 minutes to go I picked up the pole and dropped a rig in at top 2 + 1 where I had primed the swim all match with maggots out of hand, immediately I hooked a good fish which of course I took my time with, a 4lb F1 is a bonus fish at anytime - today a it’s real slice of fortune. This was then followed by another of 2.5lbs before the all out sounded, happy days and a late minute decision that even the Special One would of been proud of - Come on you Spurs .

The scales arrived and peg 5 had caught well to net 38lbs and with peg 17 drying up for the last two hours I knew I could beat his weight of 22lbs. I weighed 28lbs but still had Aidan to weigh-in and as expected he took the lake win with 39lbs. Unfortunately for me he missed the frame by 1lb so I didn’t get the section envelope by default, however I’m more than happy to secure 3points from these pools as I rarely fish them (not my cup of tea).

Two rounds left and it would take a miracle to frame now, so I’m probably going to get a stand in for the penultimate rd as I’m planning a trip South for a few days over the valentines weekend.............I wish
So the next report will be the final one where I’ll summarise the last two rounds and reflect where it all fell apart - at the draw where else

Tight Lines AB.