I went fishing on the River Teme today on the BAA stretch just past Newham Bridge (Knighton-on-Teme) with a mate. We decided to travel light and adopt a roaming approach as this particular stretch of the Teme can be quite challenging!

Upon arrival the weather was looking very hot and the river was very low, although it had quite a good colour!

We dropped into "the Curb Hole" to start off with. We were feeding hemp and castor and fishing with large chunks of meat on the hook. I was fishing to an old sunken tree directly opposite me and my mate was fishing the inside line, practically under our own bank. Both of us were using 6lb line direct to a size 10 Drennan Super Spade hook with a free running 1oz lead.

I was in first after about 1hr 30mins with what we suspect was a large Barbel, although I never saw it! The fish took me into the underwater tree straight away but I managed to gently coax him out. However, the fish then tried to get back into the tree so I tried to hold him, but he snapped me Another 20-30mins passed before my mate caught a nice wild Brownie on a bunch of castors weighing about a pound. The swim went dead after this.

We then went roaming and dropped into a peg 4-500 yards upstream but didn't have a sniff!

We came back down stream, past the "curb hole" towards the lower car park. We dropped into two different swims - the first about halfway along the first field and second towards the end of the second field - but didn't catch anything from either! We tried a number of different baits including bread, castors and sweetcorn, but the Barbel nor the Chub wanted to know! My mate had a few lightening quick wraps on the meat in one of the swims, which we suspect were Chub, but they were impossible to hit. I, however, didn't have another all day after losing that Barbel

Come mid-afternoon there were quite a few other anglers that turned up, but after taking the time to speak to all of them, I can confidently say that no one was having any better luck than us.

We did see a chap have a nive Barbel just as the light was fading on the way back to the car (probably weighed about 6-7lb), but everyone else was commenting on how tough it was and how the river needed more water on it.

All in all, an enjoyable but very frustrating day!