I managed to grab myself a day off work on Friday so decided to fish Woodside Pool as I rarely get the opportunity to of a weekend because of matches.

I arrived nice and early (about 08:40) and decided to fish peg number 4 as it has been in good form of late despite a disappointing weight coming from Tuesdays open.

Conditions were perfect. It was damp and overcast but fairly mild and there was plenty of colour in the water.

I couldn't use the pole today as I managed to break my number 2 section on my last outing so I opted for the waggler. I had one rod set-up for fishing close to the island and another rod set-up for fishing the margins.

On the 1st rod (for fishing the island) I was using 4lb 12oz mainline with a 3lb 6oz bottom to a size 18 B911 hook. The float of choice was a 1 1/2 AA straight peacock.

On the second rod, I had opted for 6lb mainline with a 4lb 12oz bottom tied to a Kamazan Animal eyed size 16 hook. Instead of using a waggler, I decided to use a small 4 x 12 pole float which was cocked with just 2 no. 8 shot - 1 directly beneath the float and 1 approx. 2" from the hook.

The margin rod would only be used towards the end of the session. I have a theory - I believe the Carp have cottoned on to the fact that this is the time of day when most matches have finished and the Carp very often come right in close to feed on the left over bait that has been chucked in.

I started off on banded pellet fished towards the point of the island. I was in approx. 5ft of water fishing about 1" on the bottom. The bites were a little slow to start, but with careful feeding I was soon catching small Roach and skimmer Bream. Then, I caught my first Carp of the day - a small Common weighing about 1lb. After an hour, I hadn't had much else and the bites were becoming increasingly difficult to hit. I really think the fish are starting to become wary of pellet because of how often it's used in matches.

I decided to switch to small cubes of meat, but stay on the bottom. The wind had picked up and a couple of brief showers came and went. It wasn't long before I was into my first fish on the meat. A nice Mirror Carp of about 2lb. The fish were a lot more confident on the meat with the bites being much more definate. The fish were also of a better stamp.

I carried on catching on the meat for the majority of the session, but continued to feed 4mm pellets. I would occassionally go back to the pellet to see if they had turned onto it, and although I did catch on the pellet, the bites were still infrequent and shy.

Eventually, the bites on meat dropped off so at this point I switched to corn. Sweetcorn is usually met with extreme caution by the resident Carp, but today they seemed less wary of it and the bites picked up again. However, they were quick to switch off again.

I now switched my attention to the margin swim on my right. I had been chucking in hand fulls of sweetcorn for about an hour previous and could see from the tail patterns and muddy bottom that the Carp had moved in on the bait. First put out and I was in straight away to a real lump that consequently snapped me on the initial run. Second chuck out and the same happened again I decided to go 6lb direct! I kept the sweetcorn going in as well as feeding generous hand fulls of 4mm pellets. I had numerous decent Common and Mirror Carp (the biggest being 10lb exactly), but all the excitement lasted for about 1.5 hours before the fish got spooked and moved on.

By now the light was starting to fade. Having just been snapped again in the margins I contemplated packing up, but you know what it's like - one more cast!

I went back to the island swim and decided to stick with the corn following the success on it in the margins. The bites had dropped off a little, but the fish were still there. I managed to land another 3 Carp before the swim completely died.

I ended the session with 90lb 7oz - a new PB individual catch.

Alongside myself there were three other pleasure anglers. The guy to my left also enjoyed a great days fishing. He had fished right tight into the margins all day and did extremely well also probably approaching the 100lb mark with Carp to 15lb. There were two guys on my right - one fishing the pole and the other fishing the pellet waggler. They reckon they bagged approx. 50-60lb each in about 5-6 hours. The biggest fish they had was a 4lb 4oz Carp.

Woodside is enjoying the form of its life at the moment!