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i remember we both said the exact same thing when Derek 1st posted this a few yrs ago!
IMO it is by far the Most Informative Description of a method ,that i have read .
Punch Fishing is a method that a lot of people try a few times ,catch a few fish & assume its easy LOL
i Will be completly Honest I was 1 of those people .
I Have won a few matches over the yrs on various Venues , when in the depths of Winter i have used it because I Could not get a Bite on anything else.
i won a 100+ Peg Gloucester Canal match from Hempstead in The late 80s with 5lbs 4 oz. about 3 weeks later I won a West Mids. Winter lge
with around the same weight 5lbs 7oz .
Overnight I became an Expert Ha Ha !!
it was to become a method that I often used when things became Difficult & 1 that I was BRILLIANT at !!
Then I read Dereks article & realised that I hadn't got a Clue .
After reading it Over & Over again.
Preparing my Bait exactly the same way ,I made my way to a stretch of water that I new Roach went to in the winter
I only took the Bread (honest) apart from Maggots /Casters & a little bit of Hemp ,just in case !! Matchman mode you know what I mean.
I set up as Derek had Described & Fished exactly the same or as close as I could remember.
in 5 hrs amazingly when I lifted my Net from the water ,to see what I had there was a lot more than I thought I caught ,they must hae jumped in when I wasn't looking .
Out came the Scales to reveal the Truth ,9lbs 14oz . if it was on a match I would have insisted on 10lb "WOW"
I had to try this again. Over the next 2 weeks I visited 4 Different areas + the same one & I got Better & Better
I really struggled for 2 hrs on Droitwich Canal ,I honestly thought the weight a couple of days before was a Fluke, then they just switched on
some Big Roach. 5 Big Bream that went (18 lb)
I Fished exactly 5 hrs again without the Bream I caught 9lb 6oz in the last 3 hrs
Next day I had arranged to give a neighbour a lift to Stratford on Avon to visit his Father who was seriously ILL
I went to opposite the Theatre for exactly 5hrs lots of people fishing so maybe this would be A TEST of not only the Method but of my Abilty
2 whips 4.5 & 6mtrs I started @ half 10 caught 7 fish by 11 & then it went Mad ,I caught all day long even though @ 1 time I had 7 blokes sat on Boxes & the Ground watching
At 3.30 on the Dot I put the last Roach in the Net & stopped 3or 4 of these blokes actually applauded !!
I knew I had gone way past the 10lb mark @ last but I never realised how far past .The scales came out & I lifted my net out ,I honestly thought it was stuck on the bottom !!
I just stood there with the Biggest Smile on my face as 2 of these blokes ,that I had never seen before or Since Weighed the Fish & asked if they could take a photo of me with them ,Yes I don't mind & nonchalantly asked what's there then 33 lb 4oz Mate
Oh I thought there was over 20 I said, if they hadn't been there I would be jumping up & down like something demented
Photos taken shakes of the Hand, time to go home Chris & Graham from Oxford area were the Blokes if they are on here
I would love a copy of the picture please.
Following Day Pitchcroft centre of Worcester 18lb in 5hrs & the 5th trip was back to where I had Started knowing there were Fish on that peg I intended to fish it again, when I got there a friend of mine was already there fishing Stick & Maggot ,only just started so I walked a bit further & fished the 1st peg that I could comfortably fish,5 hrs later Ron came down & said have you got any scales Col ? I have a Huge Chub ,
I said yes & asked him to give me hand pack up when he saw I only Had a 3,5 & 4,5 mtr whip set up he jokingly said there aint no Bleak up here mate ,you put your rods away ? when I told him I hadn't got a rod he looked @ me as if I was mental
till he saw what I had Caught in 5 hrs 27lb 12oz 3 Roach approaching 2,5 lb what a fantastic Day
Every single Fish I caught over that period was caught on the Punch using the Fantastic information in that Article by Derek
I thought I could Fish the Punch ??
How wrong was I , Yes I had the Basics but I would have never managed to catch such consistent Weights like those as long as I had an Hole up my Ass !! Without reading that ,I would never have gone anywhere with nothing but Punch & Fished it for the duration of a match
Derek thanks mate & if the Videos are 1/2 as good as the Article they will be Mind Blowing
After Christmas when the Roach move into the Towns I will be sat like a Big Gnome with my punch
Thank you you are my Hero
Along with Terry Finn from, Doncaster who like yourself must be 1/2 Roach !!