We arrived at the lake around 5.30pm, we decided to fish on the end of a south-westerly wind . We set up in a swim called The Ramp and being a 2 man swim was ideal. Chris baited the areas and helped me get the rods out to their spots. The wind had continued to blow SW and the evening was peaceful and we saw a few fish show out in front of us. We started to have a few occurrences on the alarms, a few twitches here and there.
Chris went off to fetch some dinner as evening approached and left me in charge of the rods. It just so happened that on this occasion one of his rods roared off. I lifted into the carp and it must have gone through a weed bed as it was quite solid, steady pressure and I got movement but I thought the carp had made its getaway until it neared the bank and I saw I had a fish still attached. It wasn't the biggy I was after and it was a carp no bigger than about 7 pounds. Still a pretty fish and I hadn't blanked!!! Although I did receive a ribbing for the size.
Nothing more happened so we jumped into bed around 10pm. Within an hour later one of Chris’ rods burst into life, we were both up in the darkness and soon a lump of a fish was in the folds of the net. On weighing the carp pulled the scales round to 23lb 2oz.
With carp returned and rod recast we slipped back into our pits. That lasted for all of about 45 mins when Chris’ left hand rod signalled a run, which was confirmed as "fish on" moments later. A brief fight ensued and soon a lovely mirror carp was safely in the net. It was definitely a 30lber but just how big? It looked good and on the mat looked bigger than we both imagined. On the scales it went round to 36lb after deductions of the sling. After that exciting catch the night was very quiet with a few small catches.

Next weekend we will be at Coombe night fishing for Zander, till then.