August 2006 and i find myself and three great friends of to chilliwack in Canada for a sturgeon fishing holiday, I ask myself two things what the hell sort of name is chilliwack for a town?and whats a fluff chucker like myself doing fishing for sturgeon ? the answer to both would soon become apparant.

After a comfortable 10 hour flight we arrive at Vancouver airport to be picked up by our guiding company, a smartly dressed chauffer is holding a sign with our names on it, this couldnt be our guide surely!! In fact it was our driver who accompanied us into a chauffer driven limo WOW what a start to the trip. After a few light refreshments we arrived in Chilliwack a quiet sort of sleepy town with nice bars and restaurants.Our hotel was superb and after a breakfast we were met outside by the biggest looking guy i have ever seen driving the biggest 4x4 i have ever seen towing a very fast looking jet boat,our guide.

After a short drive during which our guide explained the ettiquite of the river and fishing rules we arrived at the mighty Frazer river something you just cant describe it has to be seen to be believed it truly is an astonishing sight.Into the jet boat and off down the frazer discussing tactics and equipment and soon the rods were being baited with decaying bits of salmon another truly unbelieveable sight the rods were only around 8ft in length with very powerful penn reels and a lead of around 1lb in weight was the set up for the day.

After around a half hour there was a twitch on one of the rods (this couldnt be a mighty sturgeon could it?)next thing i know the guide is up strikes then hands me the rod, now i dont mind telling you that for the next hour or so i was a total embaressment to my mates, i have caught some decent fish in my time but never one that tows the boat upstream the power of these fish is amazing retrieve after retrieve, cramp after cramp, run after run i was really struggling to get any ground on this fish, eventually after an hour and fifteen minutes the fish was at the side of the boat and the guide towed it to the shore where it was tagged and photographed then released with the minimum of stress to the fish.

For the next half hour it felt like my arms were lead, but to have a picture of my first sturgeon which was 6ft 8inches in length it was a price i was willing to pay. The rest of our holiday was brilliant ,fishing with your mates in breathtaking surroundings catching prehistoric fish that never came to the boat in less than 50 minutes and at night in the hotel recounting all the days events over a cold beer simply is the best way to spend your holiday time.

Fly fishing will never be the same again.!!!!
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