Fished in an open match at Lake Ross Spalding last night, this was only my 3rd ever match and to be honest I was more interested in pleasure fishing but had no choice but to enter to get a peg, anyway I got setup and tried a long line fishing corn over pellet with just a lot of bubble around the float and not one tug!! So I mixed up some green swim-stim and fished one swim to my left, I feed corn with paste on the hook, I have never caught so many fish in my life at one point I thought my arm was going to drop off when a big mirror refused to get in the net. At the weigh in I had 58lb ok not a lot but good for me the winner had 80lb. Meet some nice anglers that made me feel very welcome as a stranger on their local pool, I will try again next week if the weathers nice and just go all out paste!!