This is my first Blogg so I thought that I would start off with a short oppertunistic trip I had last season on the upper reaches of the rver Lea; so that I can get used to using the Bloggs.

The weather had been stable for a few days and the sun was shining, my mate had rung me earlier to say that he was going for a days relaxing fishing on the upper river Lea after the hectic team match the previous weekend.

I had to work but I thought that I might snatch a couple of hours in the evening.

I arrived at around 5:45pm and went searching for a likely swim. there were Chub in most swims however the better known Barbel swims were all taken. I love finding underwater features especially when they are away from the well known swims, and I found a swim that was ignored by the other anglers as it looked like it was featureless (see fig.1)

but how wrong they were, the swim was at the head of a long sweeping bend which had undercuts that had been cleaned out or created earier in the season, the bottom had a pronunce depth change (scoured out by the floods), and best of all the bend downstream was protected by thick bushes and trees so the fish would feel secure. although it doesn't look like it in the picture there was a meduim to moderate flow.

Fig.1 Chosen Swim

In the next 2¾ Hours I had the following fish from the swim. Plus I lost two other Barbel when the hook pulled free.

The Barbel were not big by any stretch of the imagination but where the average size for this small stream.
The guys in the so-called hotspots (including my mate) had quite a few nice Chub but only two Barbel between them. so it definately pays to look for hidden features.
Bait was Nice n Spicey Luncheon Meat and feed was small soft Halibut Pellets.