I thought I would have a change from my normal Barbeling after work and have an evening at an estate lake owned by one of my clubs catching a Tench or two, I didn't catch any Tench but I caught my very first Wels Catfish. It was not a big one as far as Catfish go at 8lb 8oz but it was my first.

My First Wels Catfish 8lb 8oz - Notice the riddiculously small dorsal fin

I thought that I'd hooked a nice Carp at first but the fight was totally different as it wasn't taking long powerful runs, however it took longer to subdue than a similar sized Carp. I thought that something had been thinning out those horrible turkish Crays and I heard that the Catfish had been caught a few times this season after previously being caught many years ago when they were only about 1lb each; they were obviously now getting fat on crays.
I caught a few other fish see (pictures below) but nothing of any note and I also lost a better Carp which shed the barbless hook; but catching my first Catfish made my evening special.

I caught the Catfish using a large hair-rigged Halibut Pellet coated with Halibut Paste together with a small PVA bag of large Pellets as feed.
I caught the Carp and Bream using small hair-rigged Crab Pellets coated in Halibut Paste with a PVA bag of small soft Halibut pellets as feed.