Having come down with a chest infection earlier in the week I was not intending to fish this match, but woud still be there to run it, with one or two changes to the TA team all done and pretty well certain of a full squad, Silverfish who was going to travel with me was loaned out to Maggot Drowners safe in the knowledge that if needed I could be a late replacement, Up at around 5-30am to see that it looked to be a dry start even if a little breezy, a last check to see that I had all my paperwork safely in one place whislt doing a brew, one for me and one for the wife who it appears has the same bug as me, did she expect me to stop at home to look after her, not much chance of that she said, she knows the fishing would come first.
Into the garage bait in the carryall and time to load the motor, which would be pretty full with three of us travelling Danny ( silverfish ) was first pick up and by the time we had got his gear in it was evident tha it was a good job I had removed a couple of seats, round to Bonehillstars Grandads where he was ready and with his gear packed in the back it was impossible to see out the rear window, thank goodness for wing mirrors. A steady drive down the A45 towards and beyond Coventry saw us pull into the fishery entrance in plenty of time for breakfast, a quick look around the cafe saw that Ta had a few early risers in the shape of Sumo, Curtains and Drayman all tucking in to the breaky, a quick hello to the members of the other teams that were there and a chat with the fishery owners, it was time for my breakfast.
Breakfast finished a quick chat with the other captains and time for the draw, with only Angling Forums looking to be one short it looked like it was going to be a full house and if needed I would fill in for AF, whilst Toft Lakes is a pretty young venue it was certain that the winner would come from somewhere off the island pegs but team fishing is always somewhat different when you are looking to get good points, despite being told there were 58 pegs on the lake when there were only 25 saw me having a mad dash to qucklkly adjust a few pegs luckily no one had reached their pegs so no real harm was done, and following a full circuit of the lakes just to check that everyone was ok, time to fill in the weighsheets and a cuppa, when the call was made by Pete P that he was one short and duly I was in for Angling Forums I had just about got the sheets done and started to unload my gear when it was time for the all in. Having left my troley at home to save a bit of space a couple of trips were needed to transport it to peg 36 on the far bank open water, to find I was between Badpegpicker ( maggot Drowners ) and our own big carp specalist Cutains, the second trip round with my gear identified that Sumo Bonehillstar had already caught and ith Curtains playing a smallfeeder caught carp it looked like we might be in for a half decent day.
As my suddenly new team captain had not let me into team tactics, despite the many hours he and his team had spent practising and the fact that I was well behind the rest of the field my attack was going to be pellet at 6 metre, which was fed with a couple of small hand fulls of 4 mm feed pellet no time for precise potting as i was playing catch up and an inside line for later but with not much margin growth that probably would not perform, a few rigs were soon out the box and top kits laid out in the roost the first one was fitted with a MW .6gr diamond a quick plumb up and a 4 mill expander was impaled in the B911 18 hook which should be ample for the stockies that were anticipated,
The tow on the lake was pretty fierce considering that the wind was no that bad and but at least to start I could search the water, Curtains to my right was now into his second small fish but was complaining of bumping a few on the feeder, when my float dissapearsand a small stockie is soon pulling a bit of 6/8 hollow elastic out, well thats one team point secured as dry nets get nothing, perhaps I should pack in and make sure that Curtains who was in my setion be safe for at least 2 points, no really as the Intersite for me is about the banter and meeting up with friends old and new. A run of a few bites saw me looking to take a lead over Curtains and maybe my co helper in orgainising the match Carpcruncher from Total Fishing, suddenly bites were still there but many were missed, and those that were hit had to be left to really develop, a quick look on the big maggot produced a slightly better fish but was hooked in the rear and then nothing, maybe they had backed of the feed bout neither further out or closer to brought any result, time for more feed, this had the desired effect and a short run of fish with the odd better sample was in the net, before the bites once again became unhitable, and a good hour went by without a fish, with a last ditch attemt to induce a few more bites four good hand fulls of feeder pellet were put in which resulted the smallest fish of the day finding its way to the net, and with the need to get back to the motor for the scales and weigh sheets I quickly broke down my only rig and packed away, just as the heavens opened not for the first time but with a bit more vengence this time.
Back at the car help to weigh in was soon offered by Missabite ( Maggot Drowners ) and Poolfodder ( Steve May TF ) and gratefully accepted, given the quality of fishing it seemed that the anticipated 60 to 70lb winning weight was not going to be reached and indeed double figures and above were a decent weight, but with no drynets recorded everyone scored a point or two, the full results are as follows.

Peg-- Angler ---- Site ---- Weight----Points
19--- Spongebob - TA-----15-12-8-----4
20--- Bob Palmer---AF-----0-13-0------1
21--- BME---------MD-----7-12-0------3
22--- Blunty-------TF----- 4-14-0------2
23--- Siver fish----TA----- 6-8-0-------1
24--- Ray Gregory- AF----- 11-6-8----- 4
25--- Dave B------ MD----- 8-11-0-----2
26--- Yazman----- TF------10-2-0---- 3
27--- Harry911---- TA------2-13-0-----1
28--- Richie Lewis--AF----- 13-14-8----3
29--- Jake1969---- MD----- 15-13-8----4
30--- Crusty------ TF----- 10-0-0-----2
31--- Badboybagger TA----- 2-10-0---- 1
32--- Vince Atkinson AF-----31-4-0-----4
33--- Drynet--------MD----- 8-0-0-----3
34--- Carpcruncher- TF------ 5-9-0-----1
35--- Curtains------ TA------ 7-11-0----3
36--- Brian G------- AF------ 6-10-0 --- 2
37--- Badpegpicker- MD------ 2-2-8-----1
38--- Shallowman-- TF------10-13-0--- 4
39--- Sumo---------TA-------8-13-0----1
40--- Maurice Williams AF-----11-0-8----2
41--- Missabite------MD------29-10-0-- 3
42--- D. Webb-------TF------45-4-0----4
43--- Bonehillstar----TA-------3-15-0---1
44--- Kev Fowell-----AF-------7-13-8---3
45--- Simple Simon---MD-------7-0-8--- 2
46--- Knappers------ TF-------13-0-0---4
47----Drayman------ TA-------19-9-0---4
48--- Martyn Paynter-AF-------10-8-8---1
51--- Sprucey------- MD-------11-4-8---2
52--- Hillbilly-------- TF------- 15-2-0---3
53--- Polekiller------- TA-------33-0-0---4
54--- Cutnut Pete P-- AF-------12-13-0--2
55--- Silverfish-------MD--------4-14-8--1
56--- Mark Williams---TF-------- 18-0-0--3
57--- Mark777------- TA------- 4-13-8--2
58--- Dave Smart---- AF------- 4-12-0--1
1---- Clive-----------MD-------- 8-2-0---3
2---- Steve May-----TA---------25-0-0--4

Team Result

1st Total Fishing 31 points
2nd Maggot Drowners 24 points
3rd Angling Forums 23 points
4th Talk Angling 22 points

To be continued