On wednesday morning 16/07/08 wendy sent me a txt saying she was going down to the ribble and asked if I would like to go with her, unfortunately I had to decline the offer as it would take me atleast a day to sort my gear out for such a venture . But I decided to have a ride down just to see how it was done. She said she was going to the '**********' (sorry, apparently in the specimen world you aint allowed to say where you have been ) stretch which is a day ticket length with about 5 or 6 pegs max. I didn't tell her I was coming because I wanted to catch her in her 'natural' state lol, (no make-up and hair not done ). As I pulled up in the carpark I recieved a txt from her saying " I am such a ******* useless piece of ****" obviously she had forgotten another important piece of equipment as she usually does , and as usual, there was someone on hand to help her out . There was a bloke already fishing, who knew wendy from her previous visits to this stretch, who happened to have a spare long bankstick, (yes, wendy's was left stood up in the garage )
To say she was surprised to see me maybe an understatement, but happy she wasn't lol, baggy jogging pants and no make-up hahahaha but I did bring her a butty for her brekky lol
I helped her to get set up because her tackle makes me look like an expert, bits of stuff everywhere, cant find this and that !!!!!!!!!!!!
Eventually, she was ready to start fishing and put 4 feeders of hemp and bronze maggot in various parts of the river , then baited up with an expensive predrilled hallibut pellet ( they saw you coming there dear ), and cast out 3/4's across the river into the fasr water. I must admit, I have never seen someone concentrate so much on the cast, I was well impressed

first chuck the rod doubled over and she was into a right beast, but it decided it wasn't being caught today and headed for blackpool at a great rate of knots, 6lb line broke like cotton .
Undeterred, she set up again and cast into the same spot, the accuracy of her casting was unbelievable, maybe she is 'the barbel queen'
Anyway, 1 hour later and i realised why she takes a bedchair with her

After 2,3 or was it 4 hours (well bored) she offered me the rod to have a go, so i had a few chucks, exploring the swim, I found that if I cast to the far side of the fast water I would come out full of weed, so I cast just on the inside of the fast water. As the feeder settled and i tightened up, bbq was telling me a tale of how she caught a 9lb bream from this swim , all of a sudden she made a lunge for my nether regions . the rod butt was between my legs and as I was looking at her as she waffled on, the rod banged round, we argued for a few seconds and it wa decided that I would try to land this 1! Big mistake, after 1 hell of a fight, it turned tail and screamed off upstream and broke a 7lb hook length
Well that was the end if the excitement for the day, 2 breaks and a few promises but no fish, I haven't done that for years, but it was quite enjoyable. Oh yea, I sat on and broke bbq's fishing glasses , so if anybody has any fox Polaroids going cheap
No doubt bbq will have a few comments to make about the day but this is how it REALLY happened