HI lads i had a couple of hours spare on saturday so i decided to go fishing for a couple of hours before it got dark. Off i went to Baz smiths for some bait and then to Partridge lakes at Risley near Warrington arriving around 1.30 pm . I met the bailiff and ask him if they do a half day ticket, he said they do but only after 4pm. I said by that time i would be going dark and it would be to late to start fishing then. He said thats the rule and i would have to pay the full price if i wanted to fish at 1.30pm . So with that off i went to Rixton clay pits one of Warringtons anglers waters that i am a member of and had a couple of hours free fishing and caught a couple of fish.Has this happen to any of you and what do you think of it. I dont mind paying but i think we should get value for money when we do. I can understand it being half price atfer 4pm in summer but its winter now . If i paid full price would i of been able to fish until 9pm i dont think so.Tight lines for now Ray. Moan over