Well after three consecutive blanks i will be going all out on sunday to bag myself some fish.

two rods will be used, 1 with a waggler set to about 3ft as close to the margins as i can get, 1 with a method feeder on quiver set against the far bank (deepest side of pond)

will fish sweetcorn on the float and method

will report back monday!


Well as promised i hit the pond hard on sunday, we had 4 hours of fishing scheduled in due to afternoon plans (pub)

I started off with just a float at about 16 inches on double sweetcorn and was pulling out roach/rudd every chuck, totalling about 20 silver.

I then changed depth to around 25 inches and took 3 mirrors and 1 crucian.

After 2 hours on this the bites dried up so i made the switch tot he method feeder.

Using Sonubaits match carp groundbait mixed with sweetcorn on a Korum in-line method feeder and double sweetcorn on the hook i cast out with the quiver tip and set it tight.

around 25 minutes passed with lots of little knocks which indicated the carp where knocking the feeder around and boom! the tip whipped round and as the rod pivoted on the front bank stick i grabbed the butt of the rod and quickly but gently pulled into the fish.

the end result was a beautiful 4lb Koi Carp, orange and black all over with a glistening white belly.

after that a few crucian came before the time came to pack up and leave for another day.

So after 3 blanks in a row i bagged up well this weekend, weight would of been around 40lbs in total but thats not a scientific calculation, just a guess.