well my weekly thursday night matches,are almost finished,as we have only one more match left in the series.i can do no better than fifth i think,as i have had some right stinkers.still thats the joy of fishing i guess.i have managed two wins,in the ten match series,and last night was the second one.i have only been matching properly for about four years now,and i still have a great deal to learn.but im very fortunate to be fishing with some of the kindest and skilled anglers around.the sivell brothers,pete and mervin,are almost legends around bristol,and have won countless matches.pete is one of the most respected anglers in the south west,and im glad to say,he has told me a few tricks.the other angler,who has been a big help to me,is the castermaster,dave clutterbuck.the guy is a true gent,and one of the nicest men,you are ever likely to meet.the fact that hes a quality angler as well is a bonus. dave shore is another angler,who has been kind enough to take me under his wing.i soon hope to repay the acts of kindness,buy winning a few decent matches.