Well where to start.....the draw! After Roy's second in section last time I was second from last to draw, now here is the fun part....peg 9 siblings A, and peg 9 siblings B remaining in the bag I put my hand in to get (drum roll) siblings 9 A. One look at Johny Newton after the draw confirmed it's not the one you want by the shake of the head in disapproval. So my poor run of drawing absolute dross at packington continues.
Any how get to my peg and , ice yes ice and thick ice ok no problem out comes the "beast" and I cut out a lone Chanel upfront a metre wide to 12m as my rope is only 12m grrrrrrrrr..... been a long time since I've had to break the ice.
So a channel away to the left and cleared the ice took about 20 mins so. The setup I set a 4x8 chimp to 2+1/2ft to a 20 guru ptfe pellet hook. #2 was a 4x10 Chianti with a stung out pattern from the base of the float down to the final 12inches for pinkie on a Gama green size 22 on 0.7 bottom.
Repeat again on rig #2 but a 18 Gama green to a .10 flouro carbon bottom.
Started by feeding 20 pinkies and a nugget of gross gardens gb and started on the dobbing rig an HR later....nothing.Hmmm right onto the feed line lift. Drop pick it up fall again for another hour nothing....Hmmm so I feed again but a bigger ball of gb and 40 pinkies. Now I have been feeding 4_6 castors at seven metres away on the left hand channel Chianti rig out 4 castors fed and laid the rig in float disappears OMG a bite strike and a 4oz Roach (saved the blank) 4 castors fed and repeat,bite, strike, fish! 4oz Roach wahey.. alas no more bites I went all around the peg and struggled no more bites for the rest of the match and weighed in a pathetic 8oz.
I raced off home licking my wounds I'm sure Roy isn't going to be happy.but I genuinely tried my best. But just can't seem to get it together at packington ATM.

So there you go I'm poo lol