Well after x2 rounds and 14 points on the board I needed to have a solid performance and put pressure on myself to really step up....so all the talking pre-drawer was high bank pegs 7-13....so patiently waiting for my turn at the bag and peg 31...😵..

Never been on this side of big gearys so was going to be a learning curve...so made me way too my peg....nice peg x2 islands to fish to and I decided that I would go against my inner urge to fish the pole and fished the method for x3 hrs non negotiable...lol I love arguing with myself....so x2 method rods setup...pole at 16m for skimmers over groundbait and pinkies...a 14m line up-to the island with pellet and maggot and a margin line....

Match started stop watch out and out goes the big cast....20 mins Sat on my hands and I'm fighting with my self to pick up the pole....then the rod went round and kept going....yes 9lb mirror in the bag....cast out and again 25mins Rod goes round another mirror for 12lb...👍...kept moving around the peg finished with x8 carp for 51lb 12oz for a much needed section/lake win came 6th overall well happy.....😘

So that puts me 16th in the league and high number molands next can't wait....IMAG0401.jpg
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