Well after work commitments dashed my chances of making the last round I was I need of a big performance and on big gearys it was going to prove a stern test to achieve that....new rotation and same faces lol Chris I only drawer flyers Newton on 30 and my destination was 33 the fish around 30 & 31 was ridiculous and phill hull on 31 was going to be dangerous so after arriving late due to work grrrrr....I decided I was only going to fish the feeder all match so two rods at distance to hit the posts one bread one for a small hybrid but I fancied introducing no bait so started on bomb....20 mins in no signs nothing so back in tie a longer hair and apply x4 pieces off bread and increase the hook length give it the big one and sink the line it's taking an age to do.....this don't seem right so I wind onto the lead and somethings pulling back lol after a very gingerly playing of the fish a 14lb mirror pops up to be gratefully scooped up so fished the lead all day to finish up with 24lb x2 carp and x3 skimmers for my x6 bites this gave me a much needed lake win and a section win wahey very cold very uncomfortable especially when you drink your flask in 90mins lol