Well I really have not been looking forward to writing this......but here goes! Molands high number for me at this point and was hoping to not draw from 48 onwards as it was frozen solid... so in the bag and you guessed it 48 dohhhh!!!!!!......oh well and now here is where the fun starts...get to my peg ice breaker out and out she goes start to cut my channels and nooooo!!!! The chain link that has a screw in point has become undone and come off ffs!!!! No problem I’ll just use my landing net to try and scoop it up snap ffs!!!!! No problem I’ll telescope it and tape it up!!! So after all that it’s fishing time decided to fish tight to the ice as long as possible so 15m out x2 line feeding ground bait with x50 ish pinkie’s and left it while I dob some bread around the edge ice no joy so 40 mins in and I’m on the pinkie line and a bite a small roach gracefully comes in, fishing away putting the small roach in the net and the weather is absolutely filthy snow, sleet horrible line is dying so decided to feed a small ball again then disaster a no4 just folds in half noooooo.....so 40 mins trying to sort it out and I’m fishing again kept putting small roach in the net until the end and as the scales come around I weighed in 2lb 4oz was enough for 7th in my section of 14 brave souls lol so not an absolute disgrace but really frustrating as 5th in section was only 3lb 10oz I think I could have got that if I hadn’t have broken my pole....expensive day frustrating day!