Ok so siblings for me (oh no ) and it’s safe to say I had been dreading this match as it’s split over two pools A and B.....now every one knows you want to be on siblings B and in particular pegs 9,10,13 and avoid A at all costs so when speaking to Chris newton before the match and how he would be on in form peg 10 I rolled my eyes and said you should be so lucky 🍀 well he only bloody drew it.....honestly this guy could give Picasso a run for his money lol.
Anyway I drawer siblings A peg 5 ffs lol.

Get to my peg and not too bad really, area to the right didn’t look inviting at all very cold no sunlight on it but it plumbed up at 16m the deepest part of my peg so decided this would be my negative line.
I fished x5 lines x3 all around the point of the island and x1 down the shelf of the island into about 4ft of water at 16 m and feed ground bait and maggots fed positively by caty.....

So all in started dobbing bread no bites all the time looking for liners to see if there was any f1s balled up but no joy....so went at 16m against the island off to the right no joy....hmmm getting worried now so an hour in and no bites decided on the negative line 45mins here no bites so I’m now looking to just save the blank so I set a new line in the deeper part of the swim to the left and put x3 balls in with pinkie and rest it.

X3hrs in and no bites I’m going to try the positive line x3 pinkies and 16m out float in and bite yes no blank a small roach is in the net I decided to try a single white maggot and lower in the rig bang float sails away and a small f1 is in the net.....so an hour to go and x5 f1 later I’m resting my line and going on the new line I fed earlier x3 pinkie’s and in the lost goes bang a big fish on 10 minute scrap and a 6lb mirror hits the pan yesssssss...... so relieved one more f1 and 10mins to go and single white maggot lower in on the 4ft line bang..... carp on 10min battle and he is under my feet I’m poised ready to net the fish and I catch a glimpse of the fish it’s a big mirror about 10lb I’m inching the fish closer and bang the hook slips I’m gutted...😱

Anyway my 14lb 2oz wins my lake but is only good for 5 points as sibs B has fished well I have done well to beat 4 anglers of the lake tbh.... oh well could not have really done any more than win my lake but it is was it is....just got to fish my socks off last two rounds to get a respectable finish.....👍