So after x4 years at packington and almost losing the will to live .....I decided to make a change and decided to fish a mates silver fish league....with 38 booked on it seems like a good call

so drawer my peg and b1 seems like a good draw but with the better pegs further along it was going to be tough???? So waggler, x2 pole lines at 14.5m and a 11m line plus a short maggots 5m line

started on the wag for about 2lb in the first hour???? Went onto the pole line at 14 m and started to pick up 4oz skimmers plodded on this and rotated lines but no stamp fish very frustrating

dropped short and hooked carp ????‍♂️ Went 11m hooked carp ????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️

stuck the extra barrel on fed a small ball and went over it again small 4oz skimmers ????‍♂️ So went back to 14m and just tried to get my head bonus fish have cost me as I tipped 15lb 9oz of tiny fish on the scales and as I thought the better pegs have done me all had better stamp fish 14oz to 1lb 6oz and finished with 4th in section ????????????‍♂️????...1st, 2nd and 3rd in the match have been in my section ???????????? lol just my luck ....not getting any better stamp fish really has cost me

on to the next one ????????????????????