well our winter league is off and running and the bags of fish have yet to appear, I did pull an end peg from the draw but had to put up with four eastern europeans fishing in my peg with liebaits, after 20 mins off their banter and drinking, I let them know exactly what I thought, being 6ft 3 and about 20 stone helped but they did off.Needless to say I finished joint last when a lough muckno skimmer saved me from disaster of a dry net.The following week I tried to fish after attending an all dayer in the local, needless to say tone last again.
On the third day, lady luck shone and I actually thought I was going to win, feeder and single red maggot produced the goods and I managed to finish second with 2lbs of bits , beaten by a mere 10ozs.At this stage I am in the running of Irish team selection.....not!!!
Oh forgot to mentin the pint of maggots I left in my bag, bluebottles everywhere and my poor girlfriend blaming the neighbours, keep sturm and cant wait to this weeks match on Lough Ross, big roach and hybrids, so I am staying off the beer , avoiding ethnics and going to whip the boys, wil keep you past it