Solihull angling centre, individual winter league, at Packington somers, Molands mere (silverfish only match).
I drew permanent peg 10 in section 1, a good peg which holds a lot of carp.
Line one at 13 metres at 10.oclock, line 2, 8mtrs straight in front and line 3, 4mtrs at 2 o’clock in front of weed bed.

At the whistle in with 2 cricket balls of ground bait on the long line and 1 ball on each of the other lines all laced with sweet corn, casters and expander pellets. Then out went the pole to 13mtrs to try and pick up a quick skimmer or Tench. It took about 15 mins for the first bite on the 13 mtr line this being a small skimmer about 6 oz. Back out and again another skimmer about the same size. I re-fed this line with 1 ball of ground bait and had a look on my 8mtr line. I could see the guy 2 pegs up from me had caught 5 skimmers about 1 lb each and then the next peg was struggling to get bites. The 8mtr line was slow just picking up the odd roach. A change was needed I tried the 5mtr line first with pellet then with corn this seemed very dangerous as the weeds were being bashed by carp regularly. Still only picking up the odd roach I decided to try fishing caster, straight away the roach started coming in with the odd skimmer. I knew that I would need to catch a lot of roach to get anywhere near the estimated winning weight of 50lbs.
I kept trying the 13 and 8mtr but nothing really moved in so it was out and out Roach for me. On the whistle I knew I had been beaten by the next peg, who I had seen picking up a few decent skimmers amongst the roach. The scales came round and I weighed in first with 33lbs. Next was 37lbs and then down hill from their in my section.
2nd in section on the day but nowhere overall.
Throughout the match it averaged out at 26lbs per peg. Not bad for a silver fish only match.