Saw me on a private days coaching for two guys at Blythe waters (willow pool). The guy who booked the session had been fishing all over Europe for some years, but could not get to grips with our commercial carp fishing. Talking to these guys about the day ahead, I said with the weather conditions, I would show them how to fish for the big carp shallow with both pellets and casters. We went for a walk around the lake and I described what to look for above and below the surface. Were you are most likely to find the carp and how they feed.
On arriving at the peg I opened my rig box and got out about 6 rigs that I was prepared to use on the day (all shallow rigs of differing depths). I explained how I shotted them and why I had chosen that particular pattern. Then I got the pole out and started to describe the differences between the elastics that I had in the top kits and how the puller bung system works. For the start of the session I decide to set up 15h Preston hollow elastic running through a puller bung. Line was 0.12 straight through (about 3 feet long) a Preston 0.2 float to a 18 Maver mt6 hook. Shotting was a bulk of no 10s set about half way.
Feed pellets tunnel barns own brand 4m hookers were a choice of 4 and 6m expanders and some 6m hard skrettings.
Out went the pole to 11.5mtrs and the catapult started with about 10 pellets every 10 seconds. It took about 10 mins for the first bite a carp of about 3 lbs. Next ship out saw another carp and so on. After about half hour and about 6 carp on the bank I passed the pole to the pupils who were still in shock that I had not even plumbed the depth of the swim never mind caught 6 fish in such a short time. First ship out and another carp was hooked and landed this time about 6lbs, the comment was I can not believe how this works and how quick I can land fish of this size. After this we had a lesson on holding the pole and using a catapult.
The lesson went on for another 4 hours with both anglers catching fish regularly.