Not really behind my back but to explain what I mean if you make a fist with your right hand & keep it closed that's my predicament, that's enough of my personal problems I won't mention it again.
My wife's my road manager as it were & after we load the car mostly by her effort she drops me off at Aston KJS pond 5. When I say drops me off what I should say is after she's taken my kit to my chosen peg helped me arrange my tackle where I want it I'm left till I want picking up. So all I really do is walk to my peg fish then go home.
So thanks Betty.
The KJS ponds 3 4 5 are new & were dug about 3yrs ago fish sizes are small so perfect for me, species are Ide, Carp, Barble, Bream, Tench & Roach so a good mix to go at.
I asked the bailiff what sort of weights win the matches he told me 25lb was needed but that was the end of March, I suspect a lot more than that is needed now but that's not a concern for me as I only pleasure fish now, not that I fished many matches other than my clubs.
For people needing bigger fish pond 3 has big carp + a few cats to 35lb, not for me.