KJS pond 5 peg 1 July 7th
KJS today I decided on peg 1 only reason no walking it's just at the entrance, all my gear sorted & decided on a margin swim to my left close to the reeds @ short distance just a top 2 + a short no4 a doubled 5 elastic to a .12 rig .10 hook length a b6ll 16 hook, bait wise 3mm meat + micro feed pellets with crushed hemp.
First job over soak the pellets to a mush then add the hemp to the tub till a milky mix achieved.
Plan is every drop to feed a kinder of pellet soup with a few 3mm cubes of meat. After no more than 5 mins the first fish a Ide about 6oz followed by another this kept up for 1/2 an hour then small barble arrive & they seem to shift everything else from the peg apart from the stocky carp.
At the end I'd 114 fish according to my clicker by my reckoning about 30lb so not too bad.