Aston pond 5

After my last trip I've been stuck in the house till the wind subsided, a calm forecast tomorrow so Thursday
evening tackle sorted ready for morning.

In no hurry as usual my early rises these days are a steady 7am, by the time I'm ready I don't normally get to the fishery before 8 30am. After getting there & stopping at peg 31, it did look a bit strange cos for some reason all the margin reed were had been pulled out & left on the bank.

I decided to fish with a top 2 plus 3 sections about 5.5mtr to my left with a doubled 5 in my top kit & a 4ft rig with 0.12 to my usual 0.10 hook length ( the biggest fish I've had to date from here is only 1.5 lb so heavy lines aren't needed ) a 14s hook and I'm ready to check the depth, I just keep moving closer to the few reeds that were there till my rig was a few inches up the near side slope about 5ft out.

Bait for today is paste made from a bag of Yorkshire Baits garlic ground bait & 4mm pellets with a few soft 6mm hookers for a change bait, after mixing the paste with just pond water & boy does it pong if this is garlic I'm glad I don't eat garic! some pellets are just covered with water & left to go soft.
After checking my paste I'm not sure it looked strange, sort of course but gave it a go.
My paste mix is not as wet as some use but it's soft enough to need a kinder type cup to keep it on whilst shipping out, so after a 50mm cup of softened 4mm pellets & crushed hemp a small blob of paste goes in the cup & in it goes.
After a couple of mins there's plenty of movement in the swim with quick dips on the float but no real bites so after 20 mins I needed to alter something.
Just to see what was happening I dropped my baited hook in the margin by the platform, I held it up & it came straight off so I put some dry GB on my side tray took a ball of paste from my tub & stiffened it up. I had to wait only to wait 2 or 3 mins for a bite but missed it, in again same thing missed it after a few missed bites the float just buried faster & a small Carp of 10oz.
Then after a few fish & a few missed bites it slowed so another pot of pellets & hemp I thought my paste was too thick so tried 6mm pellet & was catching quite well for a while in between missed bites.
Eventually I was catching quicker with a change to 4mm pellet feeding a nugget of soft paste by cup every drop, curious for me most of the fish I had were skimmers, I normally get a few a session so there's a lot more than I thought there were, I also caught 1'2 a dozen Tench best being 2lb.

So a few things learnt today I don't like YBs ground bait for paste but it certainly pulls fish into the swim, & the amount of skimmers from 4oz to a pound.
I know that Ide can be caught up in the water very quick on maggot & meat close in gets a a few but today's made me think a bit for a change so next trip I'll have to change baits again maybe hemp & tares.