Mr Paul Hudson the BBC weatherman said no wind with just a light shower, that got me in the mood so car loaded I was set.
Bait today is half a bag of Yorkshire Baits garlic ground bait mixed at home, 2mm feed pellets, soft hooker Kopy Kat pellets, & a few grains of pearl Barley [for hook only]
My usual 4ft rig the reason I mostly use a 4ft rig is because the fish this time of year as we all know fish are easy to get feeding shallow, but for me it is just too difficult to feed continuously so to make it easy I prefer to fish the margin on the deck, it's not difficult to get the fish feeding close when you have the bank to yourself.
My wife prepares my barley when it's cooked with turmeric added to the water [it turns the barley orange] she adds garlic & puts it in a bag.
Again pond 5 peg 29, fancied this peg because of the margin reeds I don't know why but they have left a clump in this peg.
So after a ball of gb with a few pellets in the margin I set up my pole in a few mins & I'm ready a piece of barley on the hook my 16 & a nugget of gb in the kinder cup off I go, not much happened straight off but fish rolling all over the length so expecting plenty.
After a few minuets there's a few signs with a few dips so kept working the bait lifting the float out of the water, never saw the first real bite but a lift & the fish was on a small skimmer about 6oz. The same thing happened last Friday so my two no10 droppers that above my hook length were taken off & a no8 placed 3" from my hook I thought if I was to be catching Skimmers again I'd need a more positive set up, the next 1/2 a dozen fish were Skimmers, I then had a few small Carp from 4oz to 10oz, out of the blue I got a proper bream 4lb it just fitted in my little net in fact it went in easier than it came out.
Had a busy day really with the Skimmers & Carp a few Ide plus that bream, the only hook bait used was barley.
Apart from the weather which I might add was more than just a light shower to say it was persistent would be closer, at times quite heavy.
I asked the bailiff when he came to check my ticket & apparently there's 20 of the 4lbers in so may catch more in the future.