Aston again, I do fish other venues but this one is comfortable for me with not too much walking & flat from the car park to the pegs.

Not being able to fish long with my pole I thought I'd fish a small method to the far bank about 12 mtr across, it's not a method I've fished mainly because with only one hand I considered it too tricky to load the feeder but with the help of Preston's mould I thought why not.

I watched Nathan Watson in the Fishomania final on Sky & it inspired me to have a go, I looked through all the threads I could find on the TA site & while I thought some were beyond me I picked out the bits that I understood.
So I got myself a couple of 15 gram feeders + mould a bag of ground bait & I was sorted with a small can of Green Giant 1/4" cubes of meat & a hand full of drilled 6mm pellets.

Peg 33: 1/2 a bag Sonu method match gb mixed, my tackle all to hand so my gaffer left me & I was ready for action.

first off a small bomb & two or three casts later I was clipped up, a quick change to a method with a 4" link to a 911 16 with a short hair to a bait band corn.
First feeder hit the clip & bounced back a yard from were it should have been, next one was bang on. It didn't take long for the tip to start twitching & in no time the tip was round first fish a Ide about 6 oz on haired corn, I expected to get quite a lot of bites & so it proved but I never expected the amount of fish, though small 6 oz to a pound with the odd carp to about 2lb I looked like I knew what I was doing & I only hooked the reeds on the other side a couple of times. I didn't try anything other than corn hook bait cos I thought the fish were to small & they robbed the meat with just a few twitches & no real bites.
I'm thinking this will not be my last go with the method feeder, I know it's not the most taxing of ways to fish but still fun.
My view is that if the fish are feeding I'll have no trouble catching but it's not likely to put an end to roach fishing
The one thing I couldn't believe was how the fish showed a total disregard for the .16 hook link & a 16 hook, if I fish the inside margin I think a .10 is the heaviest to go to keep bites comming.

It just goes to show that you don't need to be expert to have a good day all you need is a few pointers in the right direction to be able to catch. All my info came courtesy of the Talk angling members, thanks lads.