You guessed it Aston again this time peg 7 bait worm & caster.

Decided on peg 7 because I thought with the trees behind me I might get a bit of shelter from the wind though it has dropped a bit apart from the gusts that keep popping up.

After plumbing around & finding 5 1/2' @ 7 mtr I settled on a 4x16 rig a bit heavy but I don't think anything any lighter would work as well in the wind, an Ultra worm float to a 0.10 Genesis rig line with a 6" Sarfix DNA 0.08 hook length, a B611 18 hook shotted with a bulk 18" from the hook with a no10 dropper 6" from the bulk & another at the knot to the hook length a small kinder pot on the finished my set up, so pole marked for depth I was ready to feed.

To start I cupped a couple of small balls of Sensas terre de somme (I normally call it muck ) mixed with a decent handful of worm chopped quite small & a few casters, my rig was set to fish at dead depth.
It was difficult to hold the rig still so another no8 back shot (2 in total) on the rig and it seemed to help a little and after five minuets or so I had my first bite a small perch I really hate small perch but what can you do it was lipped though so unhooked easy.
The next hour was very busy with a right mix of species from Perch 1/2 oz to Carp 1 1/2 lb as usual the fish needed the hook bait to be constantly lifting to get bites, then for some reason they just went, I'd been feeding a small nugget of worm & casters every drop but felt I needed a change somewhere so held of the feed & started moving shot & changing depth by an inch up or down the bites were soon back.
A frequent change of hook bait between worm or a caster kept me busy, the Carp preferring caster to worm with Ide not bothering what the hook bait was a bite wasn't long in comming. I checked my shotting before packing up as usual & it was nothing like I'd started with I had two no10s at my hook link knot a no8 4" above with a bulk of no8s 4" above that.
I expected more Ide & that proved with only 11 small carp to 1 1/2lb, but I had no Barble or skimmers that surprised me perhaps they just aren't in this area.
A quite enjoyable day apart from the wind, quite nippy as well must be my age I guess cos there's a lad on the far bank in shirt sleeves.