What a let down the last few weeks have been, it seems the days of a bite a chuck have gone & the fish are more elusive than I remember last September.
My last post was not a bad day in fact going on my recent form it was quite good with worm & caster, but then three trips of total disbelief of how fickle fish can be.

First of the three visits ended with just 5 Ide & 6 very small Perch on maggot. I used reds because of the amount of bites I had with worm I stupidly thought if the fish were as active as it seemed then maggot should get a few how wrong can you be.
I even ignored my rule of not fishing the pole long & fished 12 1/2mtr tight to the far bank sedges to get any action, not an easy fete with one hand I can tell you, that meant I couldn't use my kinder cup because of dropping the pole into the water to get the last two mtr. I don't suppose that I should have expected any more than I had because even though I have a one handed catapult my feeding is far too erratic at any distance.
It was far too painful fishing the extra 4mtr to the far bank so it won't happen again not for a while anyway.

Next time I had an idea that worm would produce again, it was a nice bright day & quite warm so I expected I might be a bit busier wrong again suffered with what appeared to be the home of the venues small Perch I hate em, I had a total of 9 Ide numerous baby Perch 11 Roach & 2 skimmers not a lot for 1/2 a kilo of worm & a couple of pints of casters in 8 1/2 hrs.

Third trip I reasoned that if the fish preferred the far bank so left the pole in the bag.
I would fish the bomb & use corn to avoid the Perch, with my rod already clipped up for the swim I was in it didn't take long before I was making my first cast, to no avail though it was motionless for 20 mins before I lost patience.
So a change was needed I put a couple of dead reds on & made another cast, whilst waiting for my first bite I put a handful of micros to soak, 1/2 an hour later no bites so pressing pellets into a cone still with maggot hook bait I tried again this time with a few signs but no real bite, this happened for a few casts then a decent bite & a small Carp 6oz.
With things looking up by that I at least was getting a few bites I decided a bit more feed might help. So a change to a small method brought a few fish but still very slow. I at least had a bit more action in the afternoon but not sure if the fish just woke up or the changes I made made a difference. I finished with a dozen Carp to about a pound & 18 Ide at least I kept away from the small Perch.