KJS West end Killamarsh.
Had a change of venue my last few trips for no other reason than there are more Roach here than pond 5 at Aston plus it's a venue that's not matched so pegs are always available.

I chose a peg to the left of the cafe & set up to fish @ 8mtr in about 8' of water with worm & caster, there was a touch of frost this morning but the forcast was for a decent sunny day.
Rig was 0.12 main line with a .08 hook length & a B611 18s float a 4x14 set to fish dead depth.
My last trip I over fed & killed it stone dead, I knew it was my fault because an older chap than me was catching quite frequently by that he was catching I wasn't, so this time I decided on terre de somme to get the worm down rather than groundbait I thought the gb was to blame for the over feeding [not me of course].

So everything ready I started with a ball of loam with about 6 worms cut small & just a few casters mindful not to make the same mistake as last time, a caster on the hook & after 15 minutes nothing so I changed depth to lay on one inch, the first bite I had was a small Perch, I'd decided not to feed again until I'd had some action either from fish or at least a few bites. So another caster & off again 30 minutes since starting with all to show 1 baby Perch.

A change to worm on the hook & after a couple of minutes I had my first roach 8oz it seemed the fish were awake & I re fed with two worms in loam every 6 or 8 fish depending on the size some were very small, the best fish of the morning were two Roach that must have been 1 1/2lb I also had a Perch of about 1 1/2lb & a few skimmers the next 3 hours I was quite pleased to be busy with Roach, Perch & a handful of skimmers.

So a good day really especially going by my recent form over the last few weeks, I recon at a guess I had 18lb-20 lb mostly of Roach with a couple of nice sized fish.