My last update was last year, but that's because everything has been the same as last year was, ie the same venue same tactics & same species apart from a few new fish the owner has stocked.
It's something that baffles me as to why he thought more fish were needed but hey it's his pond.
One thing that has changed this year is help I've had regarding catapults, I just called into my local for a beer & my mate was there having a pint & as usual we were putting the world straight then he asked how my fishing was going. He was surprised I'd not sorted out my problem regarding catapults & offered to help. I had tried the Ezee feeder, a one handed job that I have never really been happy with but it's far better than not feeding.
What he sorted out is a bracket to hold my cat that fixes to the leg on my foot plate & works better than anything so far.

The first few trips with my new gadget were a bit of a hit & miss effort with a good day out of four but I wasn't concerned about not catching long as plenty of fish were comming in my margin swim. But I did have the odd run of fish here & there, what fish I did have long have been to 4mm pellet feeding 4 x 4mm pellets has been best, any more & I end up chasing the fish up & down with a banded 6mm hook bait.
I know that maggot would be better with most fish being Ide but £1.89 a kilo for pellets it's not costing me too much to teach myself how to feed again with a catapult. It has been quite a change for me fishing long with my pole but after a couple of hours I start tiring so end up comming into the margin.
What is a bit of a query to me is that frequently since May I seem to be fishing alone, I know the ticket price has gone up to £6 & us Yorkshire folk are more than a little frugal with our cash but a quid extra is not going to break the bank surely. I mean you can use any bait so long as you're sensible & another plus is you don't have the obligatory fishery pellet rule, but to be fair as far as I'm concerned I prefer to be alone when fishing.
I'll talk to anyone after fishing but I hate being skied & most folk it seems have the idea a good place to stand whilst they ask what's working is by my side, this only ends up with me being a little short with these anglers.
Just lately I've been fishing with a slight difference to my normal pellet & slop in the margin, the change I've been implementing is nothing new I don't suppose (I must have seen it somewhere) it's just to tip in the slop then lower the pellet hook bait over the top slowly, this more often than not results in a fish before the hook bait reaches the bottom. The slop I've changed to more crushed hemp & just a little fishmeal & a handful of micros, I put a litre of water in a tub followed by a 200mm cup of hemp then half a cup of micros + half a cup of fishmeal.
I feed this every drop & the Barble seem to be first to the hook bait even just below the surface.
I don't think I've ever fished an easier venue to catch fish.
Sorry for my moan about fishery lurkers but these chaps are anglers & should know better.