Just for a change I fancied a go at the Crucians in KJS's pond 4, I've been thinking of fishing this one since having a chat with batone a few weeks ago.
It's only a small 9 peg pond but it's a lot quieter than the pegs near the road of the snake lake (pond 5).
Well that's what I expected there was one chap in the corner peg 4, I settled into peg 6 & before my gaffer had sorted my gear another 5 pegs were taken up.
I decided after checking the depth to fish at 5mtr so I cupped in a small pot of damp 2mm pellets to both of my target areas.
With the fish only being of a similar to the Ide in pond five I see no need for anything heavier than my favoured rig a .12 with a .08 hook length to a 20 611 float is a 4x12 Chianti, a small bulk with 2 no12 droppers.
Starting off dead depth with a 2mm pellet hook bait feeding sparsely by a small kinder, my routine was to feed my left hand swim & fish the right then if things work out as hoped I'll keep resting swims.
I started getting indications from the off but the bites were just delicate dips on the float bristle but no hook ups.
After missing these small knocks I made a couple of changes, first change was to put another no12 dropper nearer the hook at 3" then alter the depth to lay on 2" this last stot was to dot the float, but it was just too much a dab of bristle grease sorted it & with the float sitting lower on with another pellet & the very next bite a small hand sized Crucian was hooked. After 3 fish I changed to feeding my right swim & fishing left, the bites were still small dips typical of Crucians but with the float dotted they're not difficult to see.
Crucians made up my catch with a few small Tench of the same size probably from 4oz to 10oz apart from the last hour when I messed up both my lines, I thought I had more pellets in my bag but no & running short of pellet I mixed a bit of slop & it appears the Crucians weren't in favour of the change.
I did catch quite a few Skimmers & still had a few Tench but strangely no Crucians but the dirty Carp stuck their noses in about 6oz to 2lb.
A young chap came to the bloke in the next peg & sat on the floor talking to him but he was quiet, after he'd had a chat with him it was my turn next.
He started by telling me of the fish he'd just lost.
He said I've just lost a reyt fish!, I said as tha?, yep, was it a Carp?, no, what was it?, he said a cat, did you see it? yep I lost it at the net, it wouldn't fit in it, I got it's head in & half it's belly!, I said you'll not catch another sat here, he said I know then he got up & left. As he was going I said if you catch it come back & tell me, he said ok. I've never seen anyone shake so much after losing a fish.
It's probably my most enjoyable days fishing this year so far not counting the Carp of course, & the chat with the young chap was a little entertaining.
The only thing that spoilt today was this morning there was an heavy shower that drowned me before I got my coat on then just before my wife came to pack my gear away I was caught again,.