I had a 1/2 kilo of worm given to me from a friend who was going to Spain for his hols & thought it would make a change from fishing pellet so with a pint of casters plus a can of Dynamite baits hemp I was sorted.
The peg for today is 35 pond 5. I know it seems I'm addicted to this particular puddle but if I'm on my own it's the only place my gaffer is confident of leaving me so for a quiet life here is OK.
After my gear is sorted I'm left to my madness (not my words) I took a 4 foot rig from my drawer a chianti float 4x12 to a .10 hook length & a size 16 611. A top three plus two with doubled 5 latex, plumbing up I found the rig settled nicely at about 3mtr to my left & decided to fish just one target area.
First off a 150mm pot of hemp with a pot about 1/2 full of worm over the top my thoughts were to dump hemp & worm then fish it out as fishing up in the water is far too hectic for me a piece of worm 1" hook bait & off we go. First few fish were as expected Ide between 4 to 8ozs then I had a good run of the venues Barble to not quite a pound but they are growing. Feeding the same amount of hemp & worm when the bites slowed the fish soon livened up with Ide, Barble, Skimmers & a few Carp. The only alteration I made to my rig was to put all the shot down to the knot on my hook length with the bites being so positive.
A very enjoyable day even if I did waste my time buying casters they got left in water all day on my side tray & by not loose feeding the fish stayed on the bottom but it was still hectic fishing with a bite registering as soon as the bait hit the bottom.