Five arches fishery at Retford was the last club match of the season it was also the prizes match.
I as usual didn't have to draw & had the first suitable peg for a gimp to the car park, The peg was 23 after getting down the steps with help the peg was flat which is the one thing I ask. The first thing that was noticeable to me was from what I could see of the pond I had the only swim without a patch of lilies close to the platform, there was a decent sized bed of some kind of water plant 8mtr to my right but it's not really possible for me to fish more than a two + two to my right because of my right side as it is, there was also a large lilly bed about 12mtr left.
It was no concern at the time because I was told by a Ranmoor club member who fishes with us that the place was absolutely stuffed with Skimmers, Crucians & Roach with a few rather large Carp & these Skimmers + the Crucians could be caught 2 or 3 mtr from the platform even though it was only 3' deep, he told me that mostly the Carp would be caught close to the island at the other end of the water.
I started by feeding a ball of swim stim with worm slightly to my right in front at 5mtr, then just a few micros to my left with a few dead maggots, I also put a full cup of loose groundbait in the margin.
It's enough to say I blobed weighing 4 1/2 oz thanks to dropping down to a 22 hook & half a maggot for what appeared to be last years fry.The match was won with a very creditable 29lb 11oz which included a Carp of 15lb + from behind the island second 8lb third 5lb. I believe the top weight was more than the rest of us could manage between us
I deffo need to get back to the drawing board because it seems every time I stray from Aston I struggle.
I only fish a couple of club matches because the others are on the tidal Trent & whilst it was my favourite venue it's not a good idea for me to even think of trying to cope with the banks of the river.
A few members made the remark that it was cold a couple of nights this last week but I'm not convinced of that it's the first week in September not the beginning of winter.
By my reckoning we're either choosing the wrong venues or it's just bad luck the only other alternative is we have no idea but we do have a laugh.
I also had the opinion that to have a chance venues needed to fish bad it seems I got that wrong as well