It always happens you start catching a few then someone says " catching owt "now I have a plan to stop me getting aggravated by what I call lurkers standing at the back of my box. I've took to taking a chair to at least offer them the chance to sit down or leave.
Whilst using my feeder rod they make little difference to the fish, I kid you not but one day fishing in the margin a fellow walked past me then stood by the reeds looked at my float from no more than 3' & said do you get em that close! I just said no not any more & put my pole down poured a coffee & waited till he left, unbelievable.
With the mini heat wave of last week I only fished Monday & Friday, first trip was a feeder session with plenty of fish all on dead maggot but the later in the day for some reason the bites got slower, I had an idea that I was feeding too much but the feeder was the smallest preston flat bed so I tried just a bomb with maggot but reckoned the damage was already done. I managed only three fish in the last 2 hours which baffled me.
On the Friday it was a lot hotter so I thought a day in the shade would be better for me so I went to the bank with the trees behind.
What a weired day that was, I started of ok with a Skimmer of about 12oz second drop on pellet then a Carp 3lb + after those two fish it appeared to dry up but I kept cupping in hemp & meat with a pinch of micros via a small kinder. I was also feeding 1/2 a dozen pellets by the side of the platform close to the reeds this is something I done through the summer & every so often have a look, if there's anything there it goes instantly if not straight back down the edge.
I had a couple of fish then what felt ages with nothing followed by a fish or two then another bank spell, I had a few fish from the reeds by my feet that were mostly Barble as usual.
It was surprising as I expected a better day pellet was all I could catch on, I had it in my head that maggot could have been a better option.
The following Monday the forecast was for a lot cooler with wind & for me the pole is difficult enough without wind so feeder was my choice with maggot for my hook bait in stead of a banded 6mm & micros for the feeder. The feeder was already clipped up so as soon as the pellets were softened I could get straight at it. As normally happens a fish first cast, second cast & I don't know what happened but when I was to put my rod on the rest the top had fallen over laying it flat. No problem I thought putting the rod under the rest I tapped it up & pulled it to where I wanted it then put my rod on the rest to tighten up but it was pulled off the rest before I touched the reel. The fish had found a way through a snag & after a few seconds was off leaving my feeder stuck in tight, after a few pulls it came free losing the hook length. A new hook, cast again, the feeder didn't make a splash but I estimated it landed 2' further than where expected straight into the gorse on the island, I obviously didn't hold my rod in the position after making the cast. After pulling for another break this time loosing the feeder as well.
A drink from my flask whilst I repaired the damage which takes time with one hand I checked my watch & it'd been over an hour since my wife left, I was doing well three casts one small Carp of 8oz one hook length plus hook & feeder.
Clipping up again & things started to go a little better with me paying attention to casting & the troublesome rest top which needed tightening & quite a few fish, the wind didn't show apart from the odd gust.
Friday was my next visit as I was avoiding the wind & rain but when we got there the road was blocked by machinery that was working on some project that doesn't interest me, I never ask about anything I don't need to know this job they're doing doesn't concern me.
Not being able to get to the far end I ended up in peg 36 & just for a change I decided on a small 3/4" cage feeder with a bit of brown crumb & maggot, on the island there's a gap in the sedges about a metre wide & I thought that would be a good starting point.
After 20minuets with no bites I dropped a metre short & had a few quick knocks but no proper pulls so I cast 3 mtr to the left of the gap & had a couple of Barble plus a Carp in 3 chucks these were followed by a mix of Ide Skimmers & Barble but the bites were slow comming.
I began to loose patience & though I needed to get tighter to the sedges so changed the cage for a flat bed to able me to cast tight to the sedges without hooking them. The feeder worked a lot better for me with the hook buried in the feeder than dangling outside the cage, & my catch rate increased especially with Barble.
This last couple of weeks as been a change from whats been happening through spring & summer but I have to say I prefer quick bites because when the fishing is slow I still don't know if it's the fish being finicky or me making mistakes.
I know some anglers say they prefer to have to work for their fish I even have a few mates that say it, I really can't say I believe them but if they think it's true that's OK.
As for me though I fish through the winter I much prefer easy.