It's been about a months lay off for me with bad health but touch wood things will be better.
My first trip back was to local fishery Side Farm, it's not a fishery I have fished much this year but this time of year when my pall finishes his club matches we normally try other venues & it's usually here we start.
Side Farm is a shallow venue but stuffed with Ide & other usual suspects.
By the time we got to the car park the pegs with the slightly deeper water to the right were taken so we chose pegs 5 & 7 I had 7. Bait wise I had two pints of white maggot about a quarter pint of micros & 4mm expanders with a bit of green swimstim.
After a check around at 8mtr I found what I expected just a bit more than 2 1/2 foot on an almost flat bottom, by the side of the reeds it started about a foot. If there's a shelf I've not found it but there could be one further than my 8mtr.
Rigs were .12 main line to .08 hook link with a 20s 611 on doubled 5 for my 8mtr line, float a .4grm pencil type.
My down the edge rig being on .12 straight through to a 16 911 on doubled 8, float 4x10.
I started off by cupping in loose ground bait with 50ish maggots at 8mtr on one line only straight in front, then loose gb down both sides with a few micros.
Starting off putting a few micros in my toss pot on the 8mtr line to the left of my gb about 3mtr tipped in the pellet, then across to where I'd baited with maggot on the hook.
After about 10 mins first indication was a small Perch 2oz, same again with a few micros left across in front. Bites were comming quicker after half an hour with a mix of small Roach & Perch but not really pulling any trees up, I fed left & let my hook bait settle over the pellet for a few minutes with no luck so across to the maggot swim & had my first Ide of about 12oz.
Id been feeding both sides with a few damp micros but I hadn't seen any signs but thought a look wouldn't hurt, I had a quick look on both sides but nothing.
A few toss potted maggots over my maggot swim got me a decent Perch over a pound straight away, after a couple of hours I recon I had no more than 2lb but feeding every drop looked to be wakening the fish up a bit & I was getting Ide from 12oz to a pound virtually as soon as the rig settled I also had a Crucian around the pound mark.
After netting another Ide I was going to feed the margin & spotted a cloudy swirl so dropped a pellet over it & got a Carp 4lb instantly fed both sides again then out to the pellet swim this time with pellet hook bait, after a few mins & no signs a change back to maggot got a bite straight away from another Ide.
Ide have made up the most of my bites with a few Roach & Perch plus the Crucian surprisingly I had no F1s but I did snare another two 3lb Carp from the edge.
After a slow start it wasn't a bad really according to my guess with the help of my clicker I recon I had 16lb ish

Second was at Straight Mile another place I don't fish if I'm on my own because some of the Carp are over 20lb & it's almost impossible for me to get bigger fish out without help, apart from that I have no inclination to risk my tackle against such brutes.
Bait today was just maggot as pellet & groundbait is not allowed, rigs are .12 with .08 link & 20 611 hook fished at just a top two plus two in 4' of water. I know from previous trips here that I fish only for Roach & they come close to maggot so I've only one top kit set up.
It was a bit breezy today so to avoid the most of it we went over to the far strip with the trees behind our backs.
Feeding half a dozen maggots by hand soon had the Roach comming with loads around 4 to 8oz. As normally happens the fish are constantly up & down in the water, & most today were at mid depth.
I had about 12lb of Roach but that could be doubled easily by someone with two hands.
It's not difficult fishing when there's not many anglers on the bank with the amount of Roach here it's a very good venue ruined for me by the Carp.
I also have to mention Craig my fishing buddy he had more than double the Roach I had, plus 6 Chub of 3 to 4lb & 3 Carp two around 8lb one a good 12lb so he hammered me again.